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beauty productsHi everyone,

today I am starting something completely new – I also want, besides fashion, starting to show you a new category on my blog – beauty! I would love to show you here new beauty trends, beauty ideas, testing beauty products and – hopefully – give you some wonderful, beautiful inspiration.

For this reason I have tried some beauty products for you.

Firstly, I want to show you the body oil called Bi-Oil, I have tested it some days long. It should act against dry skin and even help against scarfs. So because this product has won a lot of awards in the skincare sector, I wanted to test it by myself – and I only can confirm to it. My skin got so soft and smoothly, even after the first uses – normally, especially in the cold winter times, I have dry and sensitive skin. 🙂


The second beauty items I want to show you are rouge, eyeshadow and a lipstick from ChriMaLuxe Minerals. What’s interesting here is that a mineral make up only consists in mineral ingredients, so that it is perfect for every skin type, even for a very sensitive skin.

ChriMaLuxe Minerals DSC02974DSC02932UnbenanntChriMaLuxe Eyeshadow 69, ChriMaLuxe Eyeshadow 66, ChriMaLuxe Rouge 02, ChriMaLuxe Rouge 04, ChriMaLuxe Rouge 09

At first I was wondering how to use the rouge and eyeshadow correctly – but it is easier than I thought, just put a little of the powder in the lid and apply it with a brush. Surprisingly the colour is very covering, you just have to take a little bit more. So you can influence the intensity of the colour depending on how much shadow or rouge you put into the lid.

IMG_3912IMG_3915IMG_3922DSC02931Hope you all like my new beauty section – what do you think? Wish you all a wonderful week! :)I am now preparing some things for the Fashion Week in Berlin next week, who of you is also participating at the Fashion Week? 🙂

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