Stripes rules

My favorite outfit for today is a definitely eye-catching black and white striped pair of trousers. Besides this eye-catching effect, vertical streaks are also having a lengthening effect on the legs – which girl cannot need this effect? 😉 If you have one garment which attracts attention as much as this trouser does, you have to be careful how to combine it.
It is important that the other combined pieces are more decent and the look does not get feel overloaded – so always concentrate on one wonderful outstanding garment and let it speak for itself!  🙂 I choosed a monochrome printing blouse (Vero Moda) and my black studded pumps (Buffalo). On this day I was visiting my parents for lunch, I just enjoy the time being back home again. Do you know this feeling?  Wish you all some great days and hope my tips today are helping you a little to dress up right!

black white stripes

black white stripes

black white stipes


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